Prague 19-21 September 2023

Time-Resolved Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

On 22 September 2023, a Satellite Meeting on Time-Resolved Spectroscopic Ellipsometry will be held at ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany. ELI Beamlines is a part of the pan-European research network of user facilities ELI-ERIC, providing the international community with leading high-power, high-intensity, and short-pulsed laser systems, including the beamline of broadband femtosecond pump-probe ellipsometry.

This Satellite Meeting is focused on ultra-fast ellipsometry and related techniques, providing an international platform to present and discuss the latest results and advances in the field of ultra-fast sciences and technology. The Meeting will also introduce the user opportunities at ELI, especially the beamline of time-resolved ellipsometry, and it will allow you to familiarize yourself with the state-of-the-art equipment during laboratory tours and discussions with beamline scientists.

Chair of the meeting: Martin Zahradník